Meghan Rosen

Hello. I am a design scientist.

I started getting paid for design in 2002. Back then, that meant logo design, print, game design, and web design. Over the years, it’s morphed into interaction design, UI, UX, visual design, now product design, and design thinking as a methodology or approach to problem solving. I've tried my hand at all the above.

I've come to realize that design has a role to play in almost everything—it’s application is far-reaching. As a designer, my challenge is to figure out how to continue to be a designer, even as the definition evolves. That's where the scientist aspect comes in, which I happen to have a background in as well (even got paid for it once upon a long time ago).

I find joy in hypothesizing, observing, and experimenting, as well as creating and inventing. Both on and off the field. I am, therefore, a design scientist. 

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