Canadian Dermatology Association

The CDA is the association representing dermatologists in Canada. It also works hard to regulate products educate Canadians on the topics surrounding skin safety. They needed a new website, and by extension, a new brand. Their website is a mega-repository of information. And they wanted to keep it all.

The biggest challenge was making it digestible — finding a way to allow users to quickly access the information they need, without becoming overwhelmed.

The design acts as a neutral canvas, in a way — not getting in the way of the usability and allows the various campaigns to play hero.

The site uses spot illustrations to add some whimsy here and there (and to avoid nasty close-up photos of acne-prone skin).

    Website (image 1)
    Illustrations by Mike Zavacky

    Sun Awareness Campaign video targeting young children (video)
    Illustrations by Mike Zavacky
    Animation by Eric Rochon
    Creative Direction by Jared Young.

    Sun Awarenss Campaign Facebook ads and competition graphics targeting teens (image 3)