The Rowan

The Rowan is a place to eat. It serves up modern British fare in an inspiring atmosphere. I worked closely with the architects, plotnonplot, to create a truly cohesive experience that was reflective of the restaurant's food and the chef-owners' modest, humble approach. 

Owned by the two Fraser brothers, the restaurant was named after the rowan tree, which is represented in the Fraser family crest. In folklore, the rowan tree offers protection and wards off evil spirits. Some speculate that the protective notion was derived from the five-pointed star found on the bottom of the tree's berries -- a shape consistently symbolizing strength and protection throughout history. These were the main drivers behind the logo and sign.

I designed the usual suspects: logo, exterior signage, menu system, as well as researched and curated art for the restaurant walls.

logo (IMAGE 1)

exterior concept (IMAGE 2)

sign details -- renderings by legendary workshop (IMAGE 3)

menus (IMAGE 4)

website (image 5)

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