Hooray for anti-skeuomorphism! (finally)

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 11.49.49 AM.png

This is old news now, but I have been bellyaching about skeuomorphism for years that I just want to say "HA HA"!!! It seems to have been more of a 'thing' in North America. It took Microsoft's Metro overhaul to get the ball rolling, with Apple following suit, for once, with their iOS7.

The fancy term basically refers to the effects added to 2D designs to make them appear 3D — visual metaphors. We are now in an era of getting back to basics. And I dig it. Trompe l'oiel is out. Honesty is in.

Here's a fun little site where you can fight good vs. evil.

And here's an article you can start with if you want to dig deeper. 

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